Signing an agreement
Signing an agreement

A contract for the supply and installation of elevators for the third phase of the projects of Al-Hajjah Investment Company was signed today.
Where Mr. Abu Al-Mu'tasim, General Manager of Al-Quds for Elevators and Mr. Rabhi Al-Hajja, General Manager and Owner of Al-Hajjah Company, agreed on the supply and installation.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Mustafa Rabhi Al-Hajja, Deputy General Manager of Al-Hajjah Company and Mr. Essam Harfoush, Director of Public Relations and Media at Al-Hajjah Company.
Engineer Shaher Salahat, sales manager of Al Quds Elevators Company and Mr. Bader Abdel Razek, Ramallah Area Sales Manager for Al Quds Elevators Company.

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