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Sigma offers a comprehensive range of elevator choices designed to meet the vertical transportation needs of every type and design.

Whether you need a low-rise elevator or energy efficient machine-roomless elevator, Sigma supplies an array of elevators to meet your project's needs.





Low / Mid-rise

Muse Mid-rise MRL

Solon Mid-rise MRL

E1000 Low & Mid-rise MRL

IRIS NV Mid-rise MMR

High-rise     IRIS 3 High-rise MMR

Muse NV


Freight & Car     Frieght & Car
The IRIS NV is part of the new IRIS family.  The IRIS 1 has speed ratings of 1.0 m/s up to 1.75 m/s with capacity up to 1600kg.  The IRIS 2 can go up to 2.5 m/s with capacity up to 1600 kg...
Muse NV Features FLEXIBLE STEEL BELTS The polyurethane-coated flat steel belt is up to 40% lighter and lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional ropes. Its flexibility results in a much smaller...
HIGH PERFORMANCE Highly efficient external gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor PRECISE CONTROL modular structure with real-time control, accurate provision and fas...
NOISE AND VIBRATION CONTROL Especially in high rise building, noise and vibration are created from movement of the people, flowing wind and operating machine which may cause discomfort. But, streamli...
COVERAGE Speed : 1.0 ~ 1.75m/s Duty : 450, 550, 600, 800, 1000kg Stops : up to 32 stops SPACE SAVING Scientific hoist way layout provides smaller hoist way size and class leading buffer h...

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