Sales Department

The sales department consists of a team of engineers and specialists in the field of elevator sales. They have the skill and full knowledge of elevator parts and components, in addition to the construction works that belong to the world of elevators, and serve our crews from the center, north and south to Jerusalem and Gaza.
Al-Quds Company provides electrical elevators and electrical fittings of Sigma Korea Al-Mansha and offers the best solution through a product that combines quality, comfort, safety and ease of use. These elevators have proved their quality after 25 years of installation throughout the Palestinian territories and have satisfied the majority of the company's customers. For its customers all services related to elevators on high quality conditions and recommended by consultants and senior specialists in the world of construction and according to the latest technology of modern elevators with all honesty, trust and respect.
Al-Quds Elevators Company is committed to maintaining its long-term relationship with its customers from planning and design to customer requirements, through installation, and after sales. Sales department services include:
1. Bid for new customers.
2 - Provide technical advice and plans for all customers in the pre - sale.
3 - Arrange periodic visits to sites and projects to see the workflow and measure customer satisfaction in the after-sales.
4 - follow-up customers at all stages of supply of the elevator and even operation.
4 - Provide the right price for the need of the customer and the vision of the company is always to reach the field of elevators and escalators to become safer and more comfortable for our customers.
We supplied elevators in government facilities, ministries, buildings, towers, towers & hospitals. Our elevators were distinguished at the national level and we always strive to upgrade and provide all that is suitable for our customers.


Shaher Salahat