The Maintenance Department was established at Al-Quds Elevators Company in 1988. Since the first day, the department has provided after sales services from periodic maintenance of elevators to ensure that they continue to work properly, repair various faults and provide original spare parts for most types of elevators located in the Palestinian market.

The maintenance department consists of a constellation of engineers specialized in the field of elevators, electrical drawers and technicians trained to deal with all types of elevators, which guarantees safety and comfort for users and the failure of elevators.

The maintenance department in the company is spread all over the country, which reflects the speed of service without delay, wherever the elevator location. The company is also contracted by a specialized entity to receive customer calls regarding elevator breakdowns which operate around the clock and on all days of the week without interruption.

Distribution of maintenance teams in the home areas:

Southern Region: The area serves two maintenance divisions divided into Bethlehem and Hebron governorates

Middle Zone: The area serves five teams each consisting of a car and two employees.

North Zone: The area serves two maintenance divisions.

The area of ​​Jerusalem and the areas of the Palestinian interior: The area serves four maintenance teams.

Gaza: We have a headquarters in the Gaza Strip for maintenance.

These teams complete the work of periodic maintenance and faults and ensure the work of elevators within the international standards and all the elevators are inspected by the Directorate of Civil Defense.