Installation Section
 One of the departments of the Technical Department, which is responsible for the follow-up installation of the elevator since the signing of the sale agreement and until the delivery of the elevator to the customer, and focuses on the objectives of:
1. Maintaining the excellence and leadership of the company in serving its customers in the market.
2. Achieve the complete satisfaction of the customers with the installation service and adhere to the delivery schedules without any delay.
3 - To find a distinctive fingerprint for the elevators of Jerusalem among users in terms of convenience in use and the lack of defects and quality of installations.
4. Enhancing confidence and safety between customers and users of company elevators.
5. Upgrade the staff and contractors of the department through holding periodic training courses in the field of public safety and installation of elevators.
The department is managed by a team of engineers specializing in the field of elevator, mechanical and electrical installation. The installation crews are composed of 11 installation teams distributed throughout the West Bank. The team has extensive experience in the field of elevators and electrical installation.
Installation Department Tasks:
1. Receiving projects after sale.
2. Follow-up of the construction projects so that the building is identical to the elevator plan.
3. Preparing the building before the elevator reaches the site
4. Receive the elevator in the location and store it appropriately.
5. Provide the owner with the necessary preparation before starting the installation process.
6. Follow the installation of the elevator to the end of the installation
7. Inspection of the elevator An internal inspection of the company in order to prepare it for civil defense tests and specifications, so that it conforms to the European standard.
8. Examination of the elevator with civil defense and Palestinian specifications and standards.
9. Continue to obtain a license and permit to operate the elevator.
10. Delivery of the elevator to the owner.